HACCP certification in Dubai

Food businesses in Dubai require legal authorization and assurance on the safety of products. Food Safety is an important concern for the organization as it may affect human health. The HACCP certification offers 100% assurance on the Safety on the consumption of the product. The certification is based on Identification, Control and Elimination of the Hazards and Risk Factors that adversely affect the products. The Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) system is a Systemic, Preventive approach towards food safety and acceptance of internally approved methodology in the production of the products. The certification has been gaining its significance in other sectors as well apart from food industries, these include cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

Our HACCP consulting services will give in-depth analysis in HACCP certification and assist your organization in establishing the international standard of hygiene in plants and processing area. ISO 22000 includesthe all requirements for the establishment of HACCP system. Our experts are pro in their respective field have well known for providing the best assistance on the achievement of the accreditation. We provide trainings to the personnel of the organization seeking for the certification of HACCP standard. Our training program covers all aspect of the certification program including detailed knowledge about

  • Role of HACCP
  • Legal requirements
  • Principles of HACCP
  • Hazard analysis
  • Identification of critical control points
  • Monitoring processes
  • Verification and review of HACCP system
  • Management of HACCP system

HACCP certification in Dubai turns an organization into a reliable source of food product suppliers that a client can trust undoubtedly. Consultation by expert professionals paves the way for an organization to deal in the food safety and hazard management system within the organization without any involvement of the third party assessment. Having a strong framework that keeps a check on the safety measures of the food products can potentially protect your business from pitfalls that could occur.